Mealano shea soap with vit.E

Product Details

MELANO Shea Soap With Vit. E
Lighten the skin color 

Even tone skin color 

Make your skin more fresh because it contains vitamin E, which moisturizes skin and promotes collagen production by long-term of use to reduce signs of aging Fights off free radicals on your skin, which are a result of daily environmental stressors leaving skin with a brighter complexion

Safe to use during pregnancy and lactation

Noodles - Shea butter- Starch - Glycerin - D.I Water- Fragrance - Licorice Extract - Propylene Glycol - Sodium Chloride- Zinc Oxide - Kojic Acid - Cocamide DEA - CocamidoPropylBetaine- VitE- Tetra Sodium EDTA - Titanium Dioxide - BHT - Propyl Paraben- Methyl Paraben - C.I 11680 - C.I 74260 - C.I 14700.

Lather soap on face or skin, leave it as a mask for 1-32 minutes then rinse with warm water .

For best result use Melano Shea soap 2-3 times daily.